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Mayafriends use local knowledge and international support to make a sustainable effort in the mayan community.


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On this page we will publish rapports from our effort in the mayan community in Guatemala and Mexico. The field workers will keep us updated about their work.   

We will also post updates on related issues regarding mayafriends in norway.

Viktor Chavarria

20.11.2012, Ozuna, Escuintla

I will like to include here, few photos of an area know

 as Ozuna, the area is relatively difficult to reach by

land, a nurse from USA and her friend came to help

and we worked together with local health practitioners

in order to deworm 2000 people our main focus were

children, its a bit sad and also grouse to write the

following but it has to be shared, I went first time

to dewormed, distribute and provide them with

inject-able vitamins there about 6 months ago and it

was great!!! however this time when I came back the parents and children share their experience after the deworming and found out that all all! the children had one or two worms in their body however many children express they vomit, and in there feces found not one but handful of worms in the feces and in the vomit, many children had worms coming out all the way from their noses, I say this is sad cause can you imagine the impact that such things can have in the overall of the health of a person specially when they are children and developing and I also say grouse because it is...

I am also happy to be able to share this images with you, so you can have a little idea of the faces and lives you are changing in guatemala, I am trully thankful to all and each one of you! for the valuable help you provide them with.

Right now I am getting ready to go and distribute clothes to the areas that were damaged with the earth quake that recently took place, a good friend managed to get hold of a large donatition of clothes which I will be distributed in the next few days, thank you again! with your help I could be able to do it!!

In Love