Why choose Mayafriends?

Mayafriends use local knowledge and international support to make a sustainable effort in the mayan community.


Contact Info

Tel:  +47 33 45 20 12

Mob: +47 45 20 59 97 998 762 227

Bank account: 2500.23.03690

IBAN: NO23 2500 2303 690




Donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated. You can contribute when it suits you, or set up a monthly payment, via direct debit, standing order or something similar. The amount is entirely up to you, we are grateful for any and all help, be it £5 or £100, 50 kroner or 1000, one off or as often as you like.

Your help is highly valued, and all contributions goes directly to the Mayan people of Guatemala and our projects in the country, all in great need of our aid. We are a small, non-profit organisation, run on a voluntary basis without cost, and all funds will be distributed when and where it is needed.

Here is a short list of things you can be participate, we encourage you to please share your wish on how you will like to impact the lives of indigenous people of Guatemala.

Note: Founds for transport is required as our goods are mainly distributed among remote villages.

Our bank details:

Andebu Sparebank (Norway), IBAN: NO23.2500.23.03690, SWIFT/BIC: ANBUNO21XXX, Bank address: Andebu Sparebank, Sagmyra, 3243 Kodal, Norway.

Account holders address: Tørrestadgrenda 20, 3220 Sandefjord, Norway.

(Norwegian account holders please use: Andebu Sparebank 2500.23.03690)

Volunteer work

We have, on an ongoing basis, volunteer opportunities in Guatemala, which can be a great and a valuable exchange experience for you and for the people you will be interacting with. Our volunteers are responsible for covering the cost of travel, room and board, degree of comfort can be accommodated to your liking to a certain extents and we can put you in touch with our partners and the people we work with in Guatemala or alternatively we can schedule working side by side with Viktor when he is in the country.

We need help with distribution of medicine, blankets and clothes, etc, as well as with building work of various kinds, refurbishing houses and other activities outlined throughout. People with the desire to help others, less fortunate than ourselves, are always a welcome addition to our team.

If you’re medically trained, have experience as a carpenter or builder, can assist in teaching children, or have any or other skills, you are welcome to join us on an unforgettable journey through the lands of the Maya.

Feel free to contact us with any queries, and to receive more information regarding our opportunities for hands on work in this region.


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