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On this page we will publish rapports from our effort in the mayan community in Guatemala and Mexico. The field workers will keep us updated about their work.   

We will also post updates on related issues regarding mayafriends in norway.

Viktor Chavarria

08.12.2013, Todos Santos, Cuchumatanes.

Dear Friends!

Wishing this short note find you well and happy! I am doing well and happy to have Lillian with me she is originally from Norway and now a dear friend who’s is quiet instrumental in our projects in Guatemala at the moment, right now we are in Todos Santos, Cuchumatanes Guatemala.

Earlier this year

 several friends

were kind enough

to collect second

hand sweaters,

socks, gloves and

blankets in good

condition, few

days ago Lillian

and I had the

opportunity to

reach the

highlands in

this area where

we shared your

love and care,

and I wanted to

give my most sincere feelings of gratefulness to all of you for your help with vitamins, nutritional supplements, toys, shoes and other items which we were able to deliver.

Here I include few images of the children and people you helped and I trust they will bring a bigger smiles and more even more warmth than what you provided to those in need! Much love, best wishes! And again thank you!

Tomorrow we will adventure into the center of the country were we will visit a community in Nebaj where the Ixil group resides, in there we have an school which we have helped for several years with infrastucture, school material, schoolarships and so on, the idea is to visit and see what are their current needs and see if we can help help them in any way.

At the end of the week we will be deworming several hundred children at the area of “San Adres Osuna” and I will be interviewing several children especially girls who will like to continue their studies but aren’t able to carry on due to lack of funds, my part will be to interview them and find the potential students who are committed and willing to study and if so we are looking for sponsors for their education.

The work will be carried in coordination with “The New Roots Foundation” our contact there is Mitchell Denburg director of the foundation and Silvia Castillos who is currently working in the area and will be monitoring during the year and will keep close contact to the sponsored girls during the school year, what we are looking per each girl is Euros 100 for the month of January and Euros sixty for 10 months making a total of Euros 700 per year which will be covering studies and in some cases food and travelling expenses, currently we are looking on to six cases.

I myself will be sponsoring one, a friend who wishes to remain anonymous is able to help another one so there are only 4 girls left so if you wish to help, contact us, a picture with their name of whom you help will be share immediately for you to have an image of whom you are helping, and final grades will be shared with you at the end of the school year the reason we are focusing on girls are obvious in a country where equal gender opportunities are not just a dream but a faraway reality for many rural areas and so it is through knowledge and education wish to have a long term impact in the communities!

The school year in Guatemala begins January so the earlier you make your mind the better!

Back at Rio Dulce our work continues with the building of the Center our dear friend Christina Christou in Asutralia, our Maya Friends in Norway and individuals like Andreas Halms in Germany continue to knock doors and raise found for the construction of the center and many more!

I will like to state again the idea behind the Center is to help making the building but the dream is that the center becomes self-sufficient and that becomes able to sustain itself in the future, our construction work is expected to continue the beginning of the third week of December all depending on weather but as how everything looks we are pretty sure we will continue at the scheduled time!

So if you don’t mind, mosquito bites, heat, loads of sun and fun! Come and help us to help especially if you have building skills…

Keep tune as in the next weeks I will be sending you more images of our work in Guatemala!

Much love and best regards.

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