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On this page we will publish rapports from our effort in the mayan community in Guatemala and Mexico. The field workers will keep us updated about their work.   

We will also post updates on related issues regarding mayafriends in norway.

Viktor Chavarria

02.02.2013, Rio Dulce, Izabal

I was in a silence and meditating retreat a little more than two weeks, I have been away from a computer for a while.

Recently I have been quiet busy coordinating the work for the area of Izabal, where the center for volunteers and seminars on environment and education will be carried out, the center will also serve as a clinic station where I will be able to provide basic medical care to people of scarce resource, the work is a little hard no, so much work.

But since I am in the middle of rain forest and the name really stands for it! RAIN FOREST! Mud is crazy which make hard or many times impossible the transport of building material, food or vitamins, there are other activities which I can do in the meantime.

I am considering in heading to the highlands where we have our year program for deworming villages and schools so as to give time for the current climate to change cause as soon as the climate changes and I get 5 days of sun, the roads will be dry enough to bring construction material for the center.

I got the recent deposit from Mayafriends and the money will be used as the people who gave it suggested it.

I got a batch of Moringa Oleifera a highly nutritional food which will be given to cases of extreme malnutrition but also to families with very little income.

Some weeks ago I got a thankful note from one of the many people we sponsor their education, Elida Rodriguez to my eyes is such an inspirational person, who works 6 days a week full time and on her day off decided to study computers. Thinking that through it she will be able to help better help self and her family.

I love so much to help people who wish to study, I always thought knowledge and information are one of the best gifts we can share with anyone. But I also admire her because Guatemala is a Latin American country and countries like this one consciously or not is run by a “macho/male driven mentality” and according to that way of thinking girls shouldn’t study and belongs to the house and to the care of the children.

So to me it is so important to encourage the new generation to study but specially girls which have been greatly neglected for no reason; so Elida surprised me with thankful note for sponsoring the year 2012 of education and a fotos of her graduation and excellent grades. So in return to her dedication and discipline we donated a desktop computer, these gesture was possible because of people like you! Who help me to help, so I have to pass on Elida’s gratefulness to all of you!!!

I also will like to mention that February 9 the new year will start so if there is anyone interested in covering her current year that will be fantastic the cost of a year education for her is of NOK 1,150.00.

The delivery of the clothes for the earth quake went very well! I do not have photos as this time. I was not the one who gave them to the people directly the foundation of Obras sociales del Hermano Pedro was in charged and help me greatly with the distribution part so we could save on transports fees since they had at the time transport ready.

The immediate priority for our work in Guatemala is the construction of the center in Izabal and so the money raised in London at the Christmas concert by Werner and Kelly will be of great use for that.

Thank you so much for the help and time you put on the projects. I send loads of laughter to you!

In Love

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