Why choose Mayafriends?

Mayafriends use local knowledge and international support to make a sustainable effort in the mayan community.


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Mayafriends supports several main projects in Guatemala

Support and encourage environmental programs in the country

- Work in coordination with village leaders and non-governmental organizations

to promote the reforestation with regards to water resources, and in general,

with the regeneration of native species of trees. Among other things, we would

like to work with children in schools, for example with each child planting their

own trees.

- Promote programs of waste management. Teach the obvious importance of

reducing waste, especially important in a country where recycling facilities are


- Education and seminars on natural methods of water purification and

distribution of organic water filters and setting of highly efficient fire wood


- Assist local programs and establish new programs to develop and encourage

the use of natural products, as an alternative to the use of chemical products of various sorts responsible of pollution.

- Encourage and assist local co-operatives trading in hand crafted products locally, as well as help the indigenous communities getting their products onto the international market through the use of fair trade policies. Most of their products are crafted and developed using renewable resources.

Support the poor or the almost nonexistent health system in

rural Guatemala

- Deworming programs for underprivileged children in villages and schools.

- Provisional clinics where medical care and preventive measures can be offered.

- Distribution of vitamins, with focus on the elderly and pregnant women.

- Facilitate transportation to the nearest capable facility in case of emergencies.

- Work in coordination with the already existing health centres and help with the

 infrastructure and further building and development when it is needed.

Support the educational system in Guatemala

- Support the already established schools by providing them with educational

material, such as writing boards, books, stationary, paper, notebooks etc.

- Sponsor, on a biyearly basis, students whose families are not able to pay

for their own education.

- Facilitate workshops and transportation for teachers and psychotherapists

who are professional in the field of specialised education, for children with

learning disabilities and other conditions such as: Down’s Syndrome, Aspergers

Syndrome (a high functioning form of Autism), ADHD (Attention Deficit

Hyperactive Disorder) etc.

- Engage directly with, preventing and strictly not tolerating any form of child

abuse. We wish to do this by setting up informative workshops and seminars

for parents and teachers on preventive education and successful methods of communication.

- Build and implement playgrounds in schools or public areas, with the labor aid of local people.

- Help with the maintenance of school buildings, and when needed, with the building of new schools.

Import, transport and distribution of donations of various kinds

- We have friends in several countries providing and collecting items like

clothes, blankets, boots and shoes, toys, books and many other products

related to our work in Guatemala, and we are always grateful and looking for

more second hand items in good condition.

- Seek out sea cargo services and methods of shipping able to help us transport

the donations. The aim is of course to use the least money possible on

administrative fees and other expenses, to allow for the greatest percentage of

the funds we raise to directly impact and reach the Guatemalan people in need.